About us

A World of Delicious Food and Fortnum & Mason

65 years of experience, 65 years of success Starting in the early 50s of the last century, A World of Delicious Food has made a solid rise from a local delicatessen to a recognised player in the super league of Austrian catering companies. In the meantime, we have greatly expanded our fields of activity and have opened a noble and exclusive delicatessen shop, "A world of delicious food", more than a year ago. Only exquisite products and brands like Fortnum & Mason are the basis for our success. In the food sector, we operate wholesale with partners from England, Scotland, Sweden, Italy and other destinations. 

In all activities for which we are engaged, we always do our best not only to fulfil the expectations placed in us, but to exceed them if possible. Our decades of experience with events of all kinds and the handling of exclusive food has taught us that only perfectly prepared events or perfectly prepared corporations can be successful. We are aware of this and act accordingly. 

Our values 

The foundation of our success The successful "Trabitsch" brand is based on a set of values that we defined a long time ago as the benchmark for everything we do. We are committed to these values when selecting our products, our partners, our suppliers and our employees. If you agree with our values, we are the right company for you - whether you cooperate with us as a customer, supplier, partner or perhaps even as an employee one day. 

This is what matters most to us Quality As a professional company, we focus on the highest quality. We demand this from our suppliers, our partners, but above all from ourselves. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you book us, you can expect an outstanding event at an excellent level. 

Flexibility Unforeseen events, change requests or spontaneous ideas are not a problem, but spur us on. Trabitsch is characterised by exceptional flexibility. 

Innovation We are constantly on the lookout for new, refined recipe ideas, exquisite delicacies from all over the world and high-quality delicacies from the region and neighbourhood. Innovative ideas - also from you! - are always welcome.